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Counseling & Consultation


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified EMDR Therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant,

EMDR Institute Facilitator, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)


Working together therapy can help provide a new perspective on a problem, help you obtain balance in your life, and enhance the quality of any relationship. Therapy offers room to develop new coping skills or support the management of a mental health problem.

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About Raquel


Meet Raquel, a compassionate licensed clinical social worker with a heart for healing. As an EMDR therapist, EMDRIA-approved consultant, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, she's dedicated her career to helping individuals navigate their toughest moments. Through her practice, Living in Harmony, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Inc., Raquel provides a safe space for people to work through their challenges and find their footing again.

Life's hurdles can leave us feeling overwhelmed and alone, but Raquel knows that with the right support, healing is possible. She understands how trauma can hijack our natural coping mechanisms, leaving us feeling lost. That's why she's committed to guiding her clients through the healing journey, empowering them to reclaim their lives and find fulfillment once more.

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