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what is individual therapy?

Individual therapy is a one on one session to work through personal issues in a confidential setting.


At the initial appointment,

the therapist begins to explore your best hopes for a successful therapy experience.

You will develop a plan which is the "roadmap" for what to expect from therapy.  Each session

is tailored to your specific

“here and now” needs and connected to your identified plan.



30, 60, 90 minute sessions are available based

on the focus of work.


A typical therapy session is 60 minutes

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Sessions are held

in person (Tustin, CA)

or virtually within California.



Raquel is a

licensed clinical social worker,

certified EMDR therapist, and

is a Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) Practitioner .

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SE 30 mins @ $95

some struggle with touching into emotions

or become easily overwhelmed with the

felt sense (sensations in your body) and

may benefit from working on a smaller scale to build internal bodily awareness.


SE or EMDR 60 mins @$195

most benefit from a traditional

50-60 minute session.

SE or EMDR 90 mins @ $290

Longer sessions are intended to

support more profound work.

A typical therapy session is 50 minutes.


Raquel utilizes Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) as it has demonstrated effectiveness

in treating trauma or other

distressing life experiences using

bilateral eye movement.



Raquel utilizes Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) strategies in her practice.  SE™ is a body-oriented approach to healing trauma & other stress disorders.

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